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Making finance more inclusive.

Frost worked with a major fintech app to make financial services accessible to all Filipinos.


90%+ Net Promoter Score

Work with Frost
Work with Frost
Life in the time of COVID
The story of this project is tied to the circumstances that surrounded it.
Amidst COVID-inspired uncertainty and lockdowns, a major fintech company in the Philippines made the decision to revamp its e-wallet app.
The pandemic increased the demand for online access to financial services. And with 44% of the population unbanked, there was  added urgency to refine the app, and make non-traditional finance available to more users.
44 out of 100
Pinoys are unbanked

Frost took on the daunting task of reimagining over a thousand screens. By the end of the engagement, the client had an app that better supported its mission to provide accessible financial services.

About the client
The client operates one of the biggest e-wallets in the Philippines.
The project was so big, we couldn’t mention them by name. But the client’s suite of services—which lets users send funds, pay bills, get loans, invest, and more—are familiar to millions.

This adoption by a wide range of people validates  the client's mission of promoting financial inclusivity to Filipinos.
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Why the client chose Frost
Frost built its cred in the telco space, which demanded the creation of screens at speed and scale without sacrificing quality. Frost’s abilities were in line with the fintech client’s requirements—they needed lots of screens, and fast.

Could Frost accomplish such a gargantuan mission?
Spoiler warning: Yes. Yes, they could.
Addressing the duty of financial accessibility.
The client operates a widely-used financial app in the Philippines. This position comes with a strong push to further refine its overall experience—a drive that Frost addressed via its design and content work.
Specific challenges include:
Expanding the app’s ability to monetize
Implementing the client’s new services & features
Streamlining the experience, making it more user-friendly
Leverage Frost’s team structures to deliver at scale and speed.
Frost’s work on the app showcased our expertise in design, content, and project management. Critically, the project also demonstrated our  ability to work at an unprecedented scale and speed—this ability is the foundation of Frost’s credibility.

Frost has the internal infrastructure to accomplish large amounts of work  within tight timelines. These are based on ability, discipline, and an all-encompassing drive to build great things.

It’s equal parts solution, equal parts stubborn belief in ourselves and the project.
A revamped and energized app experience adopted by millions of Filipinos.

The journey of a thousand screens started with just three— the mobile PIN, dashboard, and send money screens. Upon completion of the project, the true breadth of the project became apparent.

In the course of ten months, we provided:
Over 1200 screens produced in six months
Improved usability that addresses the needs of consumers and merchants
Close working process with the client, which enabled us to anticipate every need, and adapt to every situation


Finally, fintech for all.

Beyond presenting awesome design and snappy copy, our work for this fintech app also demonstrated our ability to satisfy multiple stakeholders and users. We managed this by keeping accessibility at the center of our work.

Our impact was creating an app that is:
Easier to Read
Easier to Navigate
Easier to Relate to

And the numbers don’t lie:

90%+ Net Promoter Score


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